Corporation vs. Valkyries’ Wrath

May 1, 2016

Valks vs Corp scoreThe Corporation had a rematch with the Valkyries’ Wrath for the first closed home team game of the season on Thursday, April 28. After losing the Championship game against the Valks last September, the Corp were ready for a win, and managed to squeeze one in during the last jam of the game with a final score of 156 to 152.

We experimented with Facebook’s new live stream feature for this game since it wasn’t open to the public. You can view some of the footage on our Facebook page. Unfortunately, cell phones aren’t capable of recording the full hour game, so we didn’t manage to post the full thing. We will continue to experiment with live streaming at our next home team games!

The Valks have been the home team champs for the past two years… is this a sign of things to come this season?

Our next home team game is coming up on May 31 when the BackSeat Betties will take on the Corporation! Who are you cheering for?

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