Who We Are

The Winnipeg Roller Derby League’s junior program is open to all kids ages 9 to 17. When facilities permit, we split the skill levels into advanced, new, and developing skills. We have a team of dedicated volunteer trainers who work with our juniors on top of actively playing roller derby on their own time.

We currently practice once a week, and our fees cover the cost of our facilities. They may vary year to year and could be between $260 and $350. This does not include the insurance required from RSC, which is $52 per year, and gear. We usually have some second hand gear that we can sell, but this is not guaranteed.

Our season runs from September until June. If we have enough interest we host a second intake in February.

We teach the juniors all the required skills including how to skate, how to stop, skate drills, teamwork, how to jam, how to form a wall, blocking drills, how to make safe contact, and using effective strategies.

We have very strict rules against bullying and we always include everyone. Roller derby is a safe space for everyone involved.

Where to Find Us

We run recruitment tables at all public events including at the Pride bout, the Confusion Corner Chaos and Riot on the Red tournaments, and the Home Team Championships. See the events page for more details. Our juniors also take part in the annual Pride parade.

The juniors will play a public game at the Home Team Championships on September 9, 2016. We hold our information sessions on the same day as the fresh meat intro day on Sunday September 11, 2016.

Whenever possible, we try to participate in events that include all of our skaters including scrimmages, fundraisers, a winter break party, and a season end party.

Contact Us

All questions can be directed to junior@winnipegrollerderby.com or on the Winnipeg Roller Derby League Juniors Facebook page.